Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Next Step

            So, today is the day to break sh*t down. Really bite down on who my audience is, what my angles are, what the first teaser should be for the campaign itself, how much money I should be seeking, then, after that is earned, where should I go for the end goal, and what exact festivals I’m chasing.  Mainly I’m trying to break down this mental wall of confusion that likes to build up when I decide to take on something new and possibly complicated.

            I will find anything ANYTHING to do, and be extremely productive at it, to avoid doing what I should be doing. Of course, I don’t realize I’m avoiding, it’s weird. The messiness on my desk will finally get to me and I must clean it off RIGHT NOW! The living room needs to be swept, RIGHT NOW! I need to figure out if all the books in the living room should be organized alphabetically, chronologically, or by size, RIGHT NOW!! It’s not until I’m an hour into whatever it is, that I start laughing at myself about how avoidy I’m being. It’s ridiculous and silly and there’s truly no reason for it, that’s logical. 

            It all goes back to the fear of doin’ it wrong – not really failing, just doin’ it wrong. I mean, yes failing too, but mainly failing because I did it wrong. Gah!!
 Alright, time to get some mental sage and smudge the living sh*t out of my brain. Get rid of the bad juju rattling around.

Getting down to brass tacks!

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