Music Videos

From the Webseries "Writing Room"

'Writing Room' was a webseries funded by YouTube, and for the music videos, we were given a very specific set of perimeters.

We had to shoot in the new YouTube Space, on one specific stage. We had 4 hours to shoot the video in it's entirety. Each director was given $200 to spend on props, makeup, set design, wardrobe, etc. for each video. 
Given that, I think these two turned out pretty awesome.

Did I mention while I directed 4 of the 11 M.V.'s in the series, I was the Associate Producer for the other 7.

Not that I had anything better to do.

Jon D - "Waiting"

Sean Patrick Malone - "Semiprecious"

I might take the privacy settings off of this YouTube video. They are there for now, because, to be perfectly honest, I could into a touch of trouble posting this.

This is my cut of the video which did not appear in the series. Granted, it is a polarizing video. I'm finding people either love it or hate it. The powers that be, decided it was 'too much' and neutered it.

In the meantime - follow the link.

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