Friday, May 15, 2015

I Can Talk About This

     So, lately to keep up the writing chops, I've been entering writing contests. Usually the kind that gives you perimeters (Genre, character, etc) and you have an amount of time to write, and turn it so many pages. I've done okay in the ones I've entered, I've always placed, but I've never moved on to the finals -- until now.

     I'm pretty excited about this one. Here's the Link and there's my name (6th one down). There are so many aspects to this contest that I like, the mentoring, the script gets developed as the contest goes on, I'm really looking forward to it.

     I haven't forgotten about The Collector. Sitting down with my VFX Sup we realized there's a ton more FX's than we originally thought. So we need to refigure the edit and shoot the green screen footage. Which also requires more money. Remind me of all this when I want to shoot another short with VFX in it - do it MINIMALLY!!   And make sure the VFX signs off on the costume used for the green screen shoot, before it gets made -- yup, there's too much green in it. Godamnit!!
Live, learn, more on.

     Anyway, I'll update on how the mentoring is going with the writing and how that contest susses out. Wish me luck!