Saturday, September 20, 2014

More Art!

     Some of my artist friends have been making concept art for the fairies, and it's been so freakin' awesome (I over use that word, don't I?). You can see it on The Collector FB page, but I had to share it here too.

     First, my oldest friend Deb Currier (Dr. Diva Designs). Deb and I first met when we were freshmen in high school, and immediately became best friends, or 'est ends', as we called it. She was always more artistically inclined than I, she drew, played guitar, and sang so beautifully. Even though we have lived in different states for years now, I still consider her my est end.

     Second, I met Erin Leong (You can see all her art here) just this last June. I was in an art gallery at Downtown Disney when she was having a show. Part of her collection was a series of fairies in jars. I bought two of her prints, and met Erin in the process. A few months later, when I finally committed to going totally ahead and starting the project, I asked for her permission to show her art on The Collector's FB page and she was all for it. I also keep her print of the blue fairy next to my desk for inspiration.

     Lastly, for now, my talented friend Yasmine Diaz (her website). Yaz and I met when we were both working in a coffee shop up in Seattle, like, 14 years ago? Jeez! We bonded immediately when we realized we had the same INsane sense of humor (She called me once, after we had first met, at 1am on a Saturday night because a sketch she had told me about was on SNL. When I picked up the phone all she did was yell 'OLD FRENCH WHORE! OLD FRENCH WHORE!' I knew we were going to be forever friends). She sent me a drawing last night, of her fairy.

     I have to mention here, too, Pat Connelly who did the avatar of the monarch winged fairy that is the profile picture for the FB page. 

     I have some crazy talented people in my life. And, I'm a way better person for it!!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Work? Let's Marathon 'Grey's Anatomy' Instead!

    What is that thing... I don't think it's procrastination, per se. This is something I'm doing for my love and passion of the project - passion project. Something I've been gearing up to do, and excited to do so. Everything I need to do to get this going, keeps me in this chair. It's all thinky and writey and creative. So, WHY am I trying to do ANYTHING else, but that?

    I'm not trying to put it off, like I have something better to do, and I'm even antsy and shaky knowing it's there and I'm avoiding it. Yet I keep avoiding it. What IS that? I mean, this isn't anything new, this is something that interferes with my life all the time - ALL the time.

    What I'm trying to say is - am I alone in this? Yes I will buck up and get what I need to get done today. I just want to know if anyone else out there feels this same way?
Is this a 'thing'?


An evil, evil thing?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It Is The Socialist Of Medias

    I've signed up The Collector for a twitter account and connected my instagram account to it. Oh social media, you are so vast and there are so many layers. Like an onion but bigger - like 'James and the Giant Onion'

    It's such a new, but logical thing. You touch so many people, on so many levels, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, every blogsite for that matter, to Google+ or not to Google+. Why not utilize what you have at your fingertips? But where? Which site? What flavor do you want? Should I target, or shotgun effect? I could sit and stew and wonder and think, or I could just jump.

    I think I'm just jumping.