Monday, June 13, 2016

Gun Laws Need To Change

Finding a concise letter to send to my congressman expressing my view on the need for tighter gun control laws isn't the easiest to find online. So I pieced together something that I'm going to send and you can certainly use.
Links to the original letter can be found here

I don't like to go on and on when I'm trying to make a point. This might seem too abrupt, and I don't know about you - I'm sick and tired of this continuous conversation and the seemingly endless violence that is happening month to month anymore.

I have to believe the good guys are going to win, and if you are a loving human and feel as if you would be the person who would step up and step in if the situation presented itself, then you must believe that too. Thoughts and prayers have turned into BS and now is the time to do what we can do. Even if it's as simple as contacting your congressman.

Doing this is us, being the good guys.

Dear Congressman,

The time for reasonable restrictions on gun ownership is long overdue. We’ve already endured far too many mass shootings of innocent Americans. How many more of these tragedies must happen before our representatives in Washington do something about it?

Although President Obama's 2015 executive gun control actions are a step in the right direction, they should not be blocked nor upended. Especially the gun show loophole. The president’s entire list of proposed congressional and executive actions must be enacted. Continuing down the current path to more tragic executions in our schools, theaters and nightclubs can’t be tolerated. Reducing gun violence can be accomplished without jeopardizing the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

One omission to the presidents executive order is a test taken to prove a person knows how to own a gun. Gun owners should bear the responsibility of demonstrating they’re worthy of carrying a firearm. This must include appropriate training at an approved firing range before granting of a four-year maximum state license. At a minimum, this training should include education about firearms and testing on the range. Testing should also be conducted at the time the license is renewed. We already require this of all automobile drivers, and no less should be expected of gun owners. On a similar token, all firearms must bear appropriate serial numbers, and all sales and transfers must be registered. Once again, we already require this of all automobiles, and should be doing the same for all firearms.

While the rights protected by the Second Amendment must be respected, it’s not a blank check. The Second Amendment was enacted in 1791, more than 200 years ago. Gun technology has advanced significantly during this time, but the laws and regulations have just not kept up. Guns are inherently dangerous in the hands of the wrong people, and those people must be prevented from buying and owning them. Included in that group are convicted felons, the mentally unstable, and anyone who can’t pass a thorough background investigation. A bright line must be drawn in the sand that those people can’t cross under any circumstances.

 Your strong support is encouraged and respectfully requested for expedited passage of his plans for reducing the escalating level of gun violence across our nation. It can’t happen soon enough.

the good guys.