Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Updating The Update

      Rewrites done, artwork on it's way, most importantly I have another producer on board.

     The very talented and awesome guy, Nicholas Veneroso agreed to come on board and be my co-producer. We worked together at Big Frame and he was my AD on 5 Minute FX. Since then he's been working with Jash and Omaze (Let me know how very much I left out, Nick). Not only am I incredibly happy I have someone who knows what he's doing, but to have a great friend I have worked with before is GREAT!! YAY NICK!!

     I have also touched base with my awesome (yes, everyone I know is freakin' awesome) editor, DJ Sing. Both Paddy and I have worked with him and after 5 Minute FX, DJ and I have a shorthand with our communication. He makes everything look great and I like having someone I know and trust be in charge of the edit. The story is told in the edit. I just wish he lived in CA and not so far, far away.

     Lastly, the avatar for the social media was created by Pat Connelly. Yes, the uber talented and incredibly awesome Pat Connelly. Yes, THAT Pat Connelly. Pat will always, always be on my short list of people I would drop everything and help out if he needed me to. He's done so much for our short films including the memorizing 'Kicky Punchy'.

     A schedule has been made and now we're in pre campaign for the Indie Go Go campaign, just to get buzz going. The last thing I want to do is bug people I know to donate. That's a great way to lose friends. I do believe I'm going to need my friends.

     So for right now, things are going great.... and AWESOME! 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Facebook Has Been Tapped

Just a quick note, as I am late for work. Just started the FB fan page for The Collector. I'm excited to have this roll start. It's a slow roll, I know, but it's starting!

Pat's avatar is up and looks gorgeous. I'm really hoping to get more concept art for fairies from my other artsy friends. More pics, the better. And I would love to see other people's ideas about what 'different' fairies would look like. It all doesn't have to be the same.

O.k. Gotta go!! Hope to post more in the course of the day!