Thursday, May 22, 2014

Figures on Paper

I’m getting everything on paper. The actual everything. Cast, crew, location, gear, props, the list is humongous and I know I’m forgetting things. Especially props. I’m trying to get everything down from memory, and that’s just fruitless. There are so many. Everything is so specific I think the biggest chunk for the funds is going to go to props and set dressing, there’s just no faking it. When you’re creating an entirely different world, there’s no half-assing.

            Getting everything down makes things a little more real and daunting. It also gets things in a more realistic grab, if that makes sense. Who is my ideal for crew, cast, what I can look for if I happen upon an estate sale, what I can honestly borrow and what I’ll need to buy. It feels more bite size like, and not so much… you know, too big to wrap my head around. 
            I think now that I have the idea for bones on paper, I’m going to start really figuring out the teaser trailer and what happens with taxes and an indiegogo campaign – and what happens with taxes if someone donates a sh*t load of money. Also, what should the donation perks be.

            Ah yes, more lists!   

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