Friday, July 20, 2012

Workin' It

     I know I've been off the grid for some time now, but there is a great reason - I got a job!! Production Coordinator at BAMMO, a new production company that develops original content for YouTube. Odd, I know, but media and entertainment is changing and being on the cusp/pulse of the new media is really exciting. It's also kind of frustrating, but it is exciting.

     The wonderful flip side of 4-walling a production company and over seeing development and production is, I do get the ear of the Head of Productions and got to pitch an idea for a show that would fit in the model of our channel. It got ok'ed and I will be directing the first episode Saturday, of my show that I created! So excited!!

    So, I've been a little missing but it's because I have been working. When this gets up and around I will post it!