Friday, February 13, 2015

What is THIS? (Almost top right)

        This, my dear readers, is a donation button. This is specifically for lovely generous people who were either unable to contribute at the time the IndieGoGo campaign was going on, or missed all the posts about it.  The campaign is sadly over, but I have set up a paypal account for anyone wanting to still give to this wonderful short film!

       Not sure what to do with that federal tax refund? The excess winnings from the Powerball lottery? The sudden windfall of cash from that odd wealthy stranger that left you everything in his will? I have an idea! Donate it, baby! I'm still in need of moolah for The Collector. I've said this before, it's getting made, no matter what, but having money would really REALLY help.

       Right now we're in the midst of pre-pro. Staffing, gearing, finding props, my costume designer has come up with new concepts. Look!

Pretty freakin' awesome! The next thing on the big agenda is finding props. Please don't make me go dumpster diving to find things.... Because I will.

      Anyway, the long and short of it is - you can still contribute if you want to! Click on that little button and give what you are comfortable with and I will appreciate and love you forever (as friends, or course - let's not get crazy). Thank you for your time, your donation, and your awesome support!!

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