Friday, February 27, 2015

Welcome To The Jungle

        We're getting into the last week of prep, and I think I'm officially going gray. Pieces are falling into place, or I'm making them fit into place. Nearly all the crew is crewed, I'm hopefully going to be locking a location soon, and I'm spending every extra moment I have making miniature fairies. I smell like clay. But it's coming together, and I believe my nervousness is competing with excitement.

        The lack of money really does make a difference, it's amazing how quickly it's getting spent. I have so many things earmarked as necessary, and they definitely are. Must have drives, must have food, must have costumes! But, on the flip side so many awesome, AWESOME people are donating their time and equipment. I really am thankful to everyone who has stepped up and donated what they can. I'm astonished and blown away by this generosity. Whenever I think about what I need, with what little I have, I remind myself of all these fantastic people who have given so much, so far. I've got some pretty remarkable people in my life.

       Anyway, last week. I've got so much on my mind I'm not sure what to say. If you still want to donate - please feel free to do so by clicking the donation button on the top. I will try to keep up with the posts. Thanks again, everyone, I'm so glad there are people like you out there in the world!!


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