Sunday, December 7, 2014

All Good Things….

            It took me a couple of days to process that the show I had been working on this past year had been cancelled. Honestly, I still don’t think it’s hit me completely.          
Even watching the last YouTube Nation episode, I smiled and laughed and thought to myself, this is great. Is – not was. We have so much fun there – wait, these are now just memories??

            YouTube Nation was an anomaly. I have never worked in an office where we filmed every day, posted a show every day (ok, maybe once or twice we didn’t), sometimes more than one, and still did outlandish productions – did you see the Halloween episode? Sheesh!! If it was a slow day, it was rare. Yes people got snippy, and yes there were arguments, but I can honestly say, we all genuinely liked each other. 40 of us, not a douche to be found.    

            I’m not that great with goodbyes. Anyone who has known me for a while knows I like to cut and run. I don’t say goodbyes, I’d rather do ‘see you again’s. If it’s going to be a particularly hard send off, I’ll French exit while you’re at work. Yes, it sounds harsh and heartless, but those that it happens to have said they know – they know that it’s because I care and love them too much to say goodbye. I’m freakin’ tearing up right now, I get emotional very easily. It drives me crazy. Now, I have to say goodbye to 40 people? 40 people that have become family, some I have spent 10 hours a day with, every working day, for the past 15 months. Shit.

            But, we move on. Wrap up the office and ship things away. We file for unemployment, and hope we don’t have to use it.  We look for new jobs. It’s going to suck, and I’m going on hoping that I’m going to find something close to what I had there. Life actually does go on. I’ve got The Collector to work on, that’s awesome and maybe I can wrangle some of these people to come onboard. Either way, I’ll miss you, YouTube Nation family. I feel I’ll see you all again.  


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