Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Is Not My Beautiful House

Yes, I missed yesterday. I am a horrible person. I could tell you the reasons, but it really doesn’t matter.

            Presently, in the world of this short film, I have:

                        - Revisited the script and doing some tweaking
                        - Done some storyboards, just to get some images on paper
                        - Depressingly realized I may not get the basement I want.

Having no one return emails and calls makes be want to punch a wall. This basement was perfect, and I can’t get anyone to tell me how much it will be. Finding a freakin basement in LA is a pain in the ass, let alone a basement that is unfinished, and looks like shit. Maybe I will find a friend with a garage and find out what it would take (cost) to refinish it. Maybe it would be cheaper?

You know who else isn’t getting back to me? Godamn green screen stages. What is wrong with people? I just need to know cost and permits and shit. I also need to find someone who knows how to fly people. I don’t even know who the hell to talk to about that…. Oh sh*t, yes I do!! I do have one stunt person friend, maybe she can guide me in the right place. I hope she can tell me where to go, I sick to death of all this lack of response.

I think I’m actually going to start on a friend’s list. It’s isn’t so much who would do what for free, I fully plan on paying everyone. It’s more along the lines of letting me know who I can talk to and possibly open some doors – and if a discount come with knowing someone, then YAY!

See this? This is the house with the basement I want to use. No, I didn't take the picture and I don't own it. I'm hoping someone in the L.A. area with recognize it and tell me who I can talk to about filming in it.

 Anyone?... Anyone?

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