Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I keep chipping away at it, I’m feeling better as the process goes on. Filmmaking and the art of entertainment is much like life. As much as it would be easier to have it all laid out before you, like a board game, taking your turn and playing it one square at a time – first school, then interning, sometimes more school, take a test, become a ‘this’! It’s not like that – it’s forward two steps, back 5, sideways a few, forward some, reeling back several, stand back up, say ‘You hit like a b*tch’, tromp ahead 4…
Like life. I’d say it’s thrilling, but it f*cking sucks. But, if I really thought it truly sucked, I’d get back into retail.

            I got ahold of a set designer. She’s a good friend and has worked on several sets, she lives in GA….. Thanks Jane. I’m looking forward to what she has to say about the idea of the set and how much it’s going to cost and such. I believe she’ll be honest with me, but still try and find me deals. I’m really excited to see what she has to say and her ideas about everything.

            I also finished the story boards for the teaser. I need to get those in front of the VFX supervisor and make sure it makes sense and can be done. I think it can be, it’s short and sweet, gets to the point without spelling it out.

            In the meantime, I need to calm down with my day to day. I’m finding myself angry a lot, maybe it’s the process, the confusion of it all, maybe it just my day to day. F*ck it, I'm having a cookie. 

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