Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That's A Wrap! (With principle photography)

      Hey there!! It's been a couple of days, and I finally feel more like myself. I can finally look back on this weekend and reflect. First, the reality that I actually filmed this short I started thinking about years ago, kind of blows my mind. Yes, I have filmed things before, I've had a webseries, music videos, other short films - but this was so much different. This time it was personal.

      The weekend leading up to the shoot weekend was a freakin' busy blur of picking things up and locking things down. Lights, gear, props, crafty, lunches, people, things. I stayed up late a few nights making more fairies when I realized I didn't have nearly enough. Scrounging my house of anything to fill out the set (and thank you Emily, for helping with that!!). It was a stressful few days leading up to the shoot. Saturday morning came and everyone showed, and they brought everything they said they would. I was overwhelmed. I try to be a positive person, but living in reality L.A., it some times is a challenge. Everyone showed. It was freakin awesome!!

    Principle photography wrapped on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't be happier. Only, maybe once did I say to myself, 'I should have done it THAT way.' But it's not a big deal, just an after thought. But I realized today, I'm not across the finish line, there is no finish line. I still need for this to get edited, and VFX'd, and color corrected, and audio remixed - then get in front of peoples faces that have nothing to do with the project. I need to keep moving, and creating. It's exciting!!

     Next up, the green screen shoot!  Until then, here are some picks from the shoot this weekend.
Thanks again to everyone to contributed money, time and gear! I'm so grateful!!


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