Sunday, January 11, 2015

Visualizing the future

         This evening the Golden Globes are on. I don't really watch the award shows all that much. Not because it's a popularity contest, or the fact that I usually tear up during the acceptance speeches and the "in memorium" video - mainly because I get caught up in the what if's.

         What if's will kill you, if you aren't careful. This decision, that decision. The decision at hand. But if you keep the what if's in a happy place, or in a more positive outlook, the what if's can be a good driving force. If you have the drive in you to visualize, the what if's can be a very good thing.

         I think it's very important to visualize your future. I'm a huge advocate for the Law of Attraction, scoff if you will - don't care. A friend once told me, 'doesn't it feel better to be in a good mood most of the time, then being pissed off all the time' And I do agree. I'd rather be happy, be positive, and visualize good things. By the way, if you do know the Law of Attraction you also know you can't just sit around visualizing and doing nothing, you must be working toward your goal all the time. All. The. Time. Keep working, keep going, keep plugging away.

         This is what I have to keep going. Not just for The Collector (which I am), but also for what I want to be and do in the long run. Make the decisions, talk to everyone, keep that positivity going. Keep going, keep going. So I keep going.

         This film being made is my reality. It's my visualization. I have faith that more people will get on board and help make this into what it can be. Into a great short. Visualize with me. Can you see it? Can you see it be honored? Can you see it with me? It's pretty awesome.    


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